Skype for Business 2016 client hangs when a PSTN caller joins a meeting

Consider the following scenario.  You have setup a Skype meeting and joined via the Skype for Business 2016 client.  A caller joins by dialing in over the PSTN.  The Skype client hangs with high CPU usage.

This does not occur with older clients.  We opened a case with Microsoft Support and sent logs and a dump.

They responded by requesting we change our normalization rule from ^\+?1?([2-9]\d\d[2-9]\d{6})(\s*\S*)*$ to ^\+?1?([2-9]\d\d[2-9]\d{6})(\s\S)*$

After the rule update replicated to the client the hang no longer occurred.  MS support explained the regex engine in the 2016 client is new and they have a bug report open for this.  I’ll update with a link to a KB article if one is posted.

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