Hands on BOC Call Recorder for Skype for Business

I’ve been aware of the partner options for on premises Skype for Business call recording. I’ve been searching for a solution for online, assuming there will be an API to develop and a third party will create a server side (Cloud side?) solution. When I came across BOC and saw that it works at the client side I was very excited!


I downloaded from BOC Call Recorder for Skype for Business from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/BOC-Call-Recorder-for-497c4535


I installed on my Windows 10 Enterprise machine. I’m running Skype for Business 2016 with an on premises Skype for Business 2016 server.


Single click and install is completed in less than 30 seconds.


Begins with a check for update.

Default settings were from Windows, not SfB, so I adjusted my Microphone and Speakers to my Jabra Link 360.


I also enabled the Create Text From Call Speech feature.


I had to get an API Key to enable the speech to text, which was a matter of clicking Get Key, signing in with my Microsoft account, and requesting keys.  I then pasted the key to the API Key field.


Per the BOC download site, “currently Microsoft offers approximately 10,000 minutes of speech to text dictation free per month, with pricing plans if you need to go beyond that amount.”  I find that amazing.  On the Microsoft Project Oxford Site it appears to meter by call, and allow 5000 calls per month.


I opened the BOC Call Recorder app from start and checked for updates.


I left the app open and clicked record when I received a call.

BOC app running

I finished the call and stopped the recording.


When I first checked there was a series of files in my destination folder.  After a minute or so I was left with one MP3.  I was able to open and play it through Grove Music.

I was also able to use the Search Speech to Text and find a matching MP3.


All in all, this is an amazing app for free with a very quick setup.  I am excited about using it with Cloud PBX opportunities.

5 thoughts on “Hands on BOC Call Recorder for Skype for Business

  1. HI! Which API did you use? I notice that the Bing Speech API gives two keys, and for me, neither worked in BOC. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?


      1. Thanks. Bing Speech generated two API keys for me. I’ve put either into the ‘API Key’ field in the BOC settings and have a tick on ‘Create Text from Call Speech’ box. However, when I try to search, nothing is ever identified.

        Are any files created showing the speech to text? I can’t seem to get this to work.



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