How to Forward your Main Number on Cloud PBX (Auto Attendant Work Around)

While we await the auto attendant feature on Cloud PBX, a simple and effective work around is to assign the main number to a receptionist or generic user account and use team-calling to forward the calls to one or more members of the organization.


User account with Skype for Business Cloud PBX and Domestic PSTN Calling Plan.

Main Number assigned to this user.


With the prerequisites in place, sign in as the user with the main number assigned.

From the Skype for Business client, Choose Gear, Tools, Options.


Choose Call Forwarding, Edit my team-call group members.


Click Add…


Type the contact(s) name, then click the contact and click OK.


The contact(s) should now be listed. Click OK again.

You’re prompted to select My Team-Call Group in the Simultaneous Ring list… Click OK.


From Call forwarding, Choose Simultaneously ring:, open the drop down, and select My Team-Call Group. Click OK.


That’s it!

From the receptionist view, when calls come in, you’re prompted that your team is also being rung.


From the view of the other team-call group member(s), when your team-call group members are rung, they are prompted that the call is for the main line.


Keep in mind, if the team call member is on the other line and doesn’t want to answer they should click Ignore to send the call to the main voicemail.  If they click Options, Voice Mail, it will go to their personal voicemail.

You could score some bonus points by using the generic user account’s voicemail as the company directory by listing names and direct lines.

That’s all.  I hope you find this work around helpful while waiting for the auto attendant feature for Cloud PBX to be released!


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