Error When Assigning Number, Your request can’t be completed right now. Please try again later.

Scenario: New Skype for Business Online Cloud PBX deployment where assigning a number to any user displays an error, “Your request can’t be completed right now.  Please try again later.”, as shown below.

E911 accept 1

Even though the 911 configuration has seemingly been completed in the GUI, some additional configuration is required via PowerShell.

Connect to SfB Online and import the module as below.

 Run Windows PowerShell as Administrator.

          Run the following commands:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted (Y after that to accept).

Import-Module LyncOnlineConnector

$cred = Get-Credential (Enter your administrator credentials here)

$CSSession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $cred

Import-PSSession $CSSession -AllowClobber

Next, configure 911 via Set-CsOnlineEnhancedEmergencyServiceDisclaimer.

cmdlet Set-CsOnlineEnhancedEmergencyServiceDisclaimer at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
CountryOrRegion: US

911 emergency calling operates differently with Skype for Business PSTN Calling services than on traditional telephone services. It is important that you understand these differences and communicate them to all users of the Skype for Business PSTN Calling service. You acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand the differences in our 911 calling and will provide this notice to each user of Skype for Business PSTN Calling services. A warning label, describing th
e differences of our 911 service, is available at to be downloaded and distributed to all Skype for Business users.

The differences in our 911 capabilities include the following: 1. Skype for Business may not know the actual location of a 911 caller, which could result in a 911 call being routed to the wrong 911 call center and/or emergency services being dispatched to the wrong location; 2. when a Skype for Business user dials a 911 call, the user may be asked by an operator to provide his or her current location to assist in properly routing the 911 call and dispatching emergency service
s; 3. if the user’s device has no power, is experiencing a power outage or, for any reason, cannot otherwise access the
Internet, the user cannot make a 911 call through Skype for Business PSTN Calling services; and 4. although Skype for Business PSTN Calling services can be used anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available, users should not call 911 from a location outside the U.S. because the call likely will not be routed to the appropriate call center in that country.

Accept disclaimer?
[Y] Yes [N] No [?] Help (default is “Y”): y

It is important to read and understand the disclaimer and inform your users of the implications.

After accepting the disclaimer you’ll be able to assign new phone numbers to users via the GUI or via Set-CsOnlineVoiceUser is PowerShell.

Hopefully this saves you some time on this error.  Your thoughts are appreciated in the comments.


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