Report from Microsoft Ignite ’17 – UC Keynote: Microsoft 365: Transform your communications with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

You may have read the rumors about Skype for Business becoming Microsoft Teams.  It’s true and it’s happening quickly!  The full session video is available at  If you prefer to read, continue below.


With Teams Microsoft is moving Beyond Unified Communications to Intelligent Communications and this will include AI and Microsoft Graph.

This will happen…

Before the meeting; know everything about who you’re meeting with and what you’ll meet on.

During the meeting; no barriers due to language, visual, room noise.

After the meeting; technology sends out a summary of the meeting and action items.

ignite teams and sfb 1

Moving to a cloud only next generation back-end will drive faster innovation and higher quality of service.

Capabilities of SfB and O365 combined with Teams for one client experience; SfB client will go away over time.

ignite teams and sfb 2

Teams will enable a new person coming in and being able to make a meaning contribution almost immediately.

Guest access has been launched and Enterprise grade security is included.

People, presence and calling are included.

There is a new Contacts tab in Teams.  This imports from SfB on first run.

ignite teams and sfb 3

Presence is now combined in SfB and Teams.

ignite teams and sfb 4.png

Contacts, history, full dial pad.  Speed dial list.

Suggested contacts.

ignite teams and sfb 6.png

ignite teams and sfb 7.png

ignite teams and sfb 8.png

ignite teams and sfb 9.png

ignite teams and sfb 10.png

ignite teams and sfb 11.png

Teams will have the features necessary to be a legitimate replacement for phones.


ignite teams and sfb 12.png

ignite teams and sfb 13.png

ignite teams and sfb 14.png

Dial in conferencing now available.

ignite teams and sfb 15.png

Pop in to channel, see a meeting occurring, see the context, join in.

ignite teams and sfb 16.png

Join via mobile

ignite teams and sfb 17.png

ignite teams and sfb 18.png

Intelligent communications example, the recording of the meeting appears in the channel.  Allows a new person to join and get context.

ignite teams and sfb 19.png

The entire meeting playback is available.

ignite teams and sfb 20.png

All the content is also available.

ignite teams and sfb 21.pngClosed captioning is automatically available.

Full transcription is available with text searching and jumping to location in video.

How to manage the migration

Change is personal.

ignite teams and sfb 22.png

What does this mean for Skype for Business server?

Is Teams ready?

How will Microsoft help with this transition?

ignite teams and sfb 23.png

Microsoft Expects Enterprise Voice workloads on premises for 2 more years.

ignite teams and sfb 24.png

ignite teams and sfb 25.png

Security and compliance center is centralized in O365 on Office Graph.

All events, journal-ed, logged and accessible through O365 audit log.

ignite teams and sfb 26.png

Teams and SfB in single admin center

Investments in cloud phone, audio conferencing, or calling plans are preserved.  Phone numbers, conference bridge numbers and call queues are the same.  Call analytics integrates Teams and SfB to show calls from and between both clients.

ignite teams and sfb 27.png

Existing phones and room systems work with Teams.  Room system line has been expanded.

Pexip and Bluejeans video interop is coming!

End User Experience

ignite teams and sfb 28.png

ignite teams and sfb 29.png

Coaching marks and T-Bot to guide users.

This is ready for your organization to try.

How to do a pilot

ignite teams and sfb 30.png

Pick a set of users to do a pilot.

Select and set Teams upgrade status.

ignite teams and sfb 31.png

ignite teams and sfb 32.png

Run side by side to get users familiar.  Teams for group collaboration and keep calling and chat in SfB.

Side by side with notify gives users notification and installs in background, migrates across contact groups.

Teams only shifts all incoming chat and voice to teams.  SfB in meeting join only mode.

ignite teams and sfb 33.png

Policy is applied to users and apps and service are now configured.

End User Experience

ignite teams and sfb 34.png

ignite teams and sfb 35.png

User gets a message in SfB, “Skype for Business is upgrading to Microsoft Teams [Try it]”.

ignite teams and sfb 36.png

Launches Teams with migrated contacts.  First run experience includes coaching.

Migration is very quick and easy.

ignite teams and sfb 37.png

Interop with SfB is available with some features.

ignite teams and sfb 38.png

ignite teams and sfb 39.png

T-Bot gets smarter over time.  T-Bot saves calls to the help desk.

ignite teams and sfb 40.png

In summary, there is a complete vision for intelligent communications that includes the features from the SfB platform with the new features of the Teams platform.  Check out the impressive amount of launch content at

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