Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – How CloudWayAS is Helping Businesses in Norway Move to the Cloud with Stale Hansen and Alexander Holmeset

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

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12 months ago Stale Hansen was made redundant from his previous employer. He decided to founder his own company CloudwayAS with fellow MVP and friend Jan Ketil Stanke. Stale’s vision was to create a cloud first company built from subject matter experts and fellow MVPs focused on helping businesses transition services and workloads to the Microsoft Cloud. 12 month’s on, we speak to Stale and his latest recruit Alex about how CloudWay is helping Norwegian companies leverage the Microsoft Cloud


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Mark Vale is host.


M: Alex is latest and great edition to CloudWay.  Stale is most famous Skype for Business MVP.

What have you been doing for the last 12 months?


S: started with a name that tells what we’re doing.  Doesn’t mean you have to move everything.  Have a strategy.


M: Just UC?


S: Everything.  Enterprise Mobility.  Conditional Access.  IRM.


M: Only business or consultant as well?


S: Wife doing accounting.  I can sell, implement, give advice.  Lots of OneNote.  Ignite OneNote session went well.  Lots of great feedback.  Life changing and helping.


A: My focus is PowerShell automation.


M: Unique?


S: Small company.  Born in the cloud.  Not much overhead.  Small duration.  Workshops.  Just one part to help adopt.


M: What types of projects right now?

S: Notes to O365 migration.  Get to work with end users that haven’t experienced Microsoft before.  Fun to see how they take the technology.  Fun to see how they embrace Teams.


M: Just Norway or other part of Europe?

S: Based in Norway.  Typically Norwegian customers.  No offices.  Work remote.  Do workshops onsite at customer’s offices.


M: Hard to get customers to accept cloud could be future?

S: Many customers want cloud strategy.  Want services in cloud.  OneNote, OneDrive.


M: How does CloudWay help businesses that are apprehensive?

S: Depends on customer type and needs.  Make it secure, Single Sign on.  Data that is needed.  Not too much data.  Change in market for cost by year.  Less apprehension about MS cloud than two years ago.


m: help those with own on premises data center?

S: have experience with SfB, AD, certificates.  Some asked for on premises but went only because only wanted chat.  Haven’t done all the work for publishing Exchange.  Old school reverse proxy.


M: A, what’s in like?

A: Lots of freedom.


M: session today?


S: Cloud version of CQD.  Found some content yesterday to add.


M: Good luck in your session

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