Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – Microsoft Teams and Collaboration with Graham Hosking (Microsoft)

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

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We are joined by Graham Hosking, Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional for Microsoft UK and we will be discussing the impact Microsoft Teams has had on productivity and collaboration within Microsoft and how it can help your business become more streamlined and efficient. We will also cover off all the main announcements from Microsoft Ignite and how that may impact your future decision making.

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Mark vale is host.


Graham Hosking – TSP – Technical Presales for Collaboration.


Carrie Hollis – Product Manager Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams


Carrie: Strategy is to merge calling features into Teams.  Teams will be the Intelligent Communications hub.


Carrie: Helps cut down on which application to use when.  In response to customer asks.


Skype for Business Server 2019 is for organizations not ready to go full cloud.  Some features will be in cloud with hybrid.  Will work on latest version of Windows and SQL.


Using Teams cuts down from searching emails and SharePoint.


Partners and still important.  FastTrack will support customers.


Graham: You can use Skype Operations Framework for teams

Guidance on deployment, use adoption and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Host: Many users were nervous over Teams announcement.  Announcement was premature.


Carrie: important show customer our hand.  In OCS or 2010 it was massive to ask customers to use computer to pick up phone.  Won cloud product of the year.  Vision is why so successful.  Not forced.  Not certain date.  This is our vision.  In order for customers to feel secure about investments transparency is important.


Host: If we want to go to Cloud PBX.  We see roadmap down to two halves of year.  Should I go to SfBO Phone System now or wait until Team has evolved?

Carrie: If ready to migrate now and is strategically important, should go to SfBO.  No end of life for SFBO today.  When Teams features roll Jan/Feb next year, SfBO still available.


Think about investments from hardware perspective, Plantronics, Jabra, Polycom, Sennheiser.  Those investments are safe.  Recommend continue wat doing.  Roll out Teams at the same time.  Both products are compatible to coexist.  Users can start to get familiar with Teams.


Host: Have you figure out migration strategy?


Graham: Name changes at Ignite.  Cloud PBX moving to Phone System.  Still using all function and features on back end.  SfB or Teams uses the same backend.  For example, organizational auto attendant is backend for either.  That was the main reason for the name changes.  It’s not just Skype.


Host:  Many tweeted CCE is dead.  Cloud Connector Edition is part of Skype for Business Online.


Carrie: Not sure exact timeline.  We will ensure there is a way of connecting the two worlds together.


Host: In terms of what needs to happen to Team, what features will we see first?


Graham: At Ignite many vision things.  No dates on roadmap yet.  Go back to on demand videos for telecommunications announcements.  Great technical articles also.


Host: In terms of Enterprise Voice in O365, basic call control 18 months ago.  Not much country expansion for PSTN Calling.


Graham: Legality reasons for each country.  Things happening in background to extend.


Carrie: All sorts of regulatory compliance.  Some are much more difficult.  Many instances taking longer.  Investment is to provide whether we are the telco or someone else is.


Host: Not as easy as email.


Host: What feature would you bring to Teams?


Graham: Embedded PowerPoint files.  Overlaying audio on top of PowerPoint file and using translation services over top the PowerPoint file.  Everyone wants to do something in one place.


Host: What about Skype for Business 2019?  Many see as heavily cloud first.  It makes it easy to consume cloud services.  What about businesses not ready for any cloud?

Graham:  Skype meeting broadcast is great example.  Some features would be very difficult to scale out on prem.


Host: Should be able to use Teams client to integrate on premises.


Graham:  Hybrid will always be there.  We listen to our customers and partners.  Skype Preview Program.  We get positive and negative feedback.  Go to roadmap site and see what’s in development.


Carrie:  Feedback button in Teams to request what is missing.  If something is missing go into the feedback button.  A real person reviews.


Host: In terms of roadmap, no plans for SfBO to disappear.  What is reasonable timeframe.


Carrie: If I could give an answer I would.  We haven’t been given any guidance.  There is no end of life date for SfBO.  Migrate to Teams when time is right and features are available.

Organizations direction shouldn’t be toward Teams.  The technology is just there, almost invisible.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s Teams or SfB.  When ready to fully migrate to the Cloud start conversing about which product.



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