Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – Pexip and Skype for Business with Graham Walsh

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

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Our first sponsor session of the day with Pexip, a cloud video interop solution certified for Skype for Business (Infinity Fusion). We speak to Graham Walsh from Pexip about what they can provide, how their cloud works and how to leverage those investments in legacy VTC in your Skype for Business meetings

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Mark Vale is host.


Graham Walsh is from Pexip.


M: Who is Pexip?

G: Software company.  Video conferencing between SfB and any other platform such as Cisco, Lifesize.  Pure software.  Deploy on Hyper-V, VMWare, AWS.


M: Custom service?

G: Partners build products.  Build a product called Vision.  Other service providers around the UK build their own service with Pexip as engine behind.


M:  You were here last year.  What’s happened since last year.


G: Developed version 16.  Only certified product for Skype for Business.  Lots of enterprises can’t move to the cloud.  Big on premises environment.  At Ignite named one of the three interop partners for Teams.  Immature product, 6 months old.


M: Is Teams video much different than Skype?

G: Absolutely.  Desktop client wrapper along with mobile.  Same with other partners, Polycom and Teams.  Making strides.  SDKs out.  Because I’m Skype certified doesn’t mean Teams certified.  Plantronics has to recertify headsets.


M: Using headset with Teams cuts out.


G: Depends on organization and users to go to Teams.


M: Pexip will support Skype or teams?

G: Absolutely.


M: What’s Infinity Fusion?

G: Not using Pexip.  Going in as SIP, out as Teams.

Transparent in background.  Won’t know using Teams or Pexip.

M: What type of Azure server?

G: A2.  $100/mo.  F8 or F16 for transcription?

M: Azure Media service?

G: Comes in but not for real time media.  Using Compute, IaaS.  One of nice features is burst-ability in Azure.  At 70% capacity on premise, use API to spin up on Azure.  Custom black box you can’t touch.


M: Easy to install?

G: Virtual network cable.  Run PowerShell script.


M: Do you prefer physical or virtual?

G: Heavy video will want on premises.  MPLS to Azure.


M: Can you work with CDN?


G: No, real time media.


M: Preview product for Teams?

G: Work in progress.  Have a date.  Lots of framework in Microsoft stack.  Not cut and paste code.  Audio and video codecs very different.  No federation yet.  Busy building interop service.  Transparent gateway to get video into Teams.  Bring in third parties.  Difference between 3 vendors for video interop.


M: Anyone who has Pexip today?

G: Update to product.  Licensing to be determined.  Next version with Teams interop.  Some will use both side by side for testing and labs.


M: Supporting old VTC rooms?

G: Get customers with old Tandberg, Cisco, Polycom equipment that doesn’t die.  Why can’t I do VBSS?  We can do interop.  Some caveats.


M: What benefits of using Pexip?

G: Where is the video  More from desks and huddle spaces.  Having media on network.  Control/manage, over MPLS for global organization.  Video rooms with Teams meeting.


M: What’s next for Pexip?

G: Teams will take a while.  Planning version 17.  New Skype interop.  Forward error correction.  Better quality.  VBSS in meetings.  Demoed at Ignite.  Skype Room Systems will get Teams update.  Intelligent Communications journey.  Biggest organizations, more scalable.


M: How to configure?

G: IP Address on network.  Phases migration.  Doesn’t have to be big bang.  Call control.  Get rid of call managers.  Focus on Skype architecture.


M: I didn’t go to Ignite.


G: Focus on teams.  89 Skype sessions.  134 Teams sessions.  vNext.  Large enterprises still on 2010.  Smaller organizations can’t get Standard Edition.


M: What’s take on vNext?


G: Yes we’ll support you, but please move to cloud.


M: Why not leverage AA and CQ in the cloud?

G: Will they adopt at all?


M: Hybrid voice.  CCE.  Will it exist?

G: Still early days.


M: Personal view is they announced 12 months too early.  Shot in foot marketing perspective.  Spend two years convincing people to move to cloud.  Cloud’s not mature.  Now introduce a new product that will need 12-18 months.


G: Depends on use cases.  Some enterprise customers have to make a decision.  Skype on prem for voice and video.  Teams for other.


M: Customer had strategy to go to Skype online.  Teams announcement put full stop on project.  3 months in will require another project to migrate to Teams.


G: You can carry on your journey because we support.


Sign in to meeting with camera and get my OneDrive files.


Post Ignite announcements.


M: Video is going mainstream.  I call some people and they have to get dressed first


G: I think it’s so much more productive.  I moved to another place that didn’t do video.  Really missed.


M: When on audio only tend to fall asleep.


G: Video makes more alert.  Rather than hour call can get done in 45 minutes.  Much more productive.  Workspace is expensive.  Just do video everywhere.  Doesn’t matter.


M: Definitely a culture change.  Everyone is more used to audio than video.


G: Making it easy, just another Skype user.


M: How to people buy?

G: Only through partners.  Partners on website.  Two day training course for partners.  Understanding logs, sip messages and traces.


M: Even the oldies are getting into video.


G: Make it easy to use!


M: Thanks for sponsoring.



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