Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – Skype for Business Call Recording with Verba

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

If you prefer to read you can continue below.

Skype for Business Call Recording with Verba provided much useful data around the overall landscape and the Verba product specifically.


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Some history was provided.  Verba started in the 2000s and become the first certified Lync voice recording provider.  They continue in UC, with certification in Cisco and Skype for Business.  The challenge of recording in the cloud was discussed.  The financial market is the main customer, but it’s expanding into legal and insurance.  Even auto sales is taking advantage of call recording.


A history of the regulatory frameworks was provided.  MiFiD originally required a conversation containing a trade.  It later expanded to require a conversation potentially containing a trade.


Verba offers the ability to redact.


MiFiD II will be due to be implemented by January 2018.  It will be required to prove that the number of recorded calls matched the total number of calls.  There will also be a requirement to provide all recorded calls for a particular user.  IM and email will also have to be provided.


API integration passes to multiple archiving partners.


Sense provide transcription and analytics.  Multilanguage support is available.


Ethical wall provides a control that stops the phone call if it should not be made.  There are rules and policies that can be built to prevent one department from calling another.



Verba 9 adds Sense for transcription and Regulate updated compliance.


In the future, Control will help banks understand who should be recorded and keep up with changes in regulations.  Pr is professional services for installation.  In is investigate for eDiscovery.  Ga and Cl go together.  Voice is an up tapped data mine.  The data can be visualized and dash boarded to provide insights.  The target audience is the compliance officer.


Big banks can host this on private cloud.  SMBs can take advantage of public cloud.  Product scales from 1 license to 30,000.


Major banks can purchase direct.  There is an extensive partner network.


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