Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – The Days report from UCDay with Martin Boam and Steve Harwood

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

If you prefer to read you can continue below.

With all the action taken place outside of the live broadcast we touch base with our floor reporters Martin Boam and Steve Harwood who have been busy speaking with MVPs, sponsors and attendees. We will find out what we have missed and the announcements from the days events.


From <>




Martin Boam about today.


Mark Vale is host.


V: How was your day?


B: Working with many partners.  Talking with attendees.  Lots of discussions around Teams.  Graham Hoskins has a demo around teams.


V: What’s feedback?


B: Everyone really eager.  Lots of interest in Azure and Cloud tracks in general.


V: More people here than last year.


B: Microsoft here this year.  More attendees, interest, sponsors.


V: Teams feedback?


B: Mixture of why now, where it’s going.


V: Out of all videos which was most interesting?

B: Demo on Teams.  Devices.  Yamaha speaker.  Organizing UC Day.


V: Couple days to add on to YouTube.  Release as one big playlist.


B: We’ll see.  Will need a bit of editing.  Logitech and Skype Room System recordings on phone.


V: Between 50-60 people watching throughout day.  Livestream is compliment to UC Day.  Will chop into sections.


B: Huge credit to everyone involved in organizing.


V: Great to be here.  Second year here.  Will be back next year in some capacity.  Thanks for watching.  Hope you found it useful.


B: Shout out to Microsoft User’s Group Manchester Event.

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