Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – The Future of the IT Pro with Andrew Price (MVP) and Will Rowe (MS Employ)

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

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The future can be found at the end of your nose! As we move into a new era of cloud and commoditized services, what future does the IT Pro have? In this session we talk to Andrew Price and IT recruitment specialist Will Rowe about what they think lies ahead for us and how we can start future proofing ourselves now!


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Mark Vale is host.


Andrew Price is UC Day organizer.


Ben Lee is organizer.


M: W, what do you do for MSEmploy?

W: MS recruiting company, focus on UC.  I head up the brand.  We have SAP, finance.  Recruitment.  These events are wonderful.


A: Author?


W: Evolve or Die.  The world has changed.  New rules to stay current.  Staying current with IT industry.  17


Ben Lee.  Skype for Business or Teams consultant.  Lots of strategy.  Spoke before lunch about Teams.  Lots of people I know around the room.


M: Wrote a blog post that sparked this.


B:  Open mic chat.  Hugo comes on for Polycom.  Noticed same question again and again.  If MS is driving O365 so hard and getting rid of server is a benefit.  What does this mean for troubleshooting and deploying IT pros.  Pulled together my thoughts and got a lot of replies.  Ended up with 5 posted and 10 replies.


M: Are we all dead and haven’t realized yet?

W: Evolve or die.  It’s a clickbait title.  The pace of change in the industry is such that we cannot sit in a technology comfortable in do that in 10 years.  If people don’t evolve, cross-train, will get left behind.  As recruiters we see that with regularity.  I talk with people about what they need to do.  People don’t have a plan; don’t have high level view of how fast things are changing.

SfB is declining as a technology significantly.  Well paid consultants will have trouble protecting their income.  Much more demand for O365 and Azure.


M: Will still need SfB, Teams, or Intelligent Communications consultant.


A: will always need person on the ground doing hard donkey work.


M: Didn’t specialize.  Decided to focus.  Chose right at the end of golden period.  Maybe should have stayed as generalist.


B: Similar background.  First job fixing printers.  Worked for a company with MS licensing.  Became server person.  Not about technology.  Understand what issue is, how you can solve that problem.  Not a line in the sand to say I’m going to start doing Teams or Azure.  Less about the technology.  I’m into strategy, slightly divorced from the technology.  Got to that point doing exams, setting up labs.  O365 is harder and easier to lab.  Keep learning cycle going.


A: Attending events, user groups, podcasts.


M: Require deep technical skills to deploy on premises.  Slide the E3 button and away you go.


Industry doesn’t need uber technical people anymore.  Still need to know how solution works.


B: Still have pockets where deep knowledge is required.  No longer required at every company.  Rest is more commodity.


M: MS message, it’s so easy to consume, you don’t need technical team anymore.  For those who are deeply skilled, where should they be focusing their efforts?  More business strategy?

A: Lots around what is required.


W: Always requirements for traditional roles: architect, consultant.  Technology will change.  Last 5-10 years getting rid of infrastructure.  Everything is software.  Less hardware.  Driven rise of DevOps.  Traditionally an Opensource.  Cucumber, chef, can you create a cookbook in chef?  6-12 months ago didn’t see those sorts of roles.  Keep evolving and stay as current as possible.  So much online is free.


B: Cul-de-sacs analogy in book.


M: more DevOps jobs.  Not every single IT pro will find transition.  What is future if you can’t do coding?

W: Look beyond perspective of SfB or recruitment  Will always be roles even if don’t want to be developer.  Will be slightly different.


B: Infrastructure elements in DevOps.  Build/provision/scripting.  Parallel to on prem.


M: Yourself in 5?

B: More on online projects and strategy.  Easier to turn on.  Still have to map what you’re doing to what you’ve paid for.  Glad there will be an on prem SfB server.  Another 5 years of on prem work for SfB server.  Still voice gateways.  Phones, headsets, how you manage those devices.


W: won’t go off the edge of a cliff.  Having these discussions now.  More communication now than 5-10 years ago.


M: MS, Amazon, Google developing cloud platform.  Companies request experience.  How do we come by that?  What are customers really asking for?

W: Role of recruitment consultant is manage expectations on both sides.


M: Was going to asking about diversity.  IT is male dominated.  Males have perception of interviewing person of opposite gender.  Can AI assist by evaluating skills and personality?

W: Machine learning can source candidates to recruiter faster.  2 minutes for entire Monster database versus 2 days.    Recruitment is about relationships.  Interview is about if you like someone.  Looking at cultural fit.  Entire technical element can be online test.  Does


B: Can an AI remove bias?


W: Most I recruit for are desperate to get more women into technology.  Gives a balanced workforce.  If we take human element out, person will never know what they’re getting into.  Take the gig economy.  Do people want to sit home all the time working for an hourly rate?


B: Very little demand for SfB permanent.  Contract has risen.  For permanent, seeing demand for broader O365.  Architect down to specialization across Echange, SharePoint, migration projects.  Azure part of stock any job description.  Migrates to IaaS.  Next 3 years more O365.  Slightly beyond more Azure.  Beyond that AWS.


B: Waves or cycles of trends.  Cloud is current.


W: Exchange was very big in early 2000s.  Now a resurgence with migration from on premises to O365.


A: ProPlus.  2019 no MSI.  Channels.  Insider.  First release.  Just download.


M: Buy Will’s book.  Write CV, send to Will.  Don’t bother with Teams.


A: Tom’s Skype user group.  PowerShell user group.



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