Report from UC and Cloud Day 2017 – Women in tech cancelled. Adam Jacobs from Polycom will have general chat about UC, Teams.

These reports are via live reports from Mark Vale.  The full video is available below.

Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

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Women in tech cancelled.  Adam Jacobs from Polycom will have general chat about UC, Teams.


Mark Vale is host.


M:  Speaking today?


A:  How Polycom and MS built video interop.  Nuts and bolts.  Building global infrastructure on Azure.


M: Turn out?

A: keynote room.  Massive.  Good presence.


M: How did Polycom and MS build?

A: MS looked at what they wanted to achieve.  Thought might work with MS on video interop product.  Not many have deployed.  Decided to build something new. Looked at AWS.  Has been in market longer, but didn’t want to use.  Azure has awesome connectivity into Office 365.  Didn’t have to worry about network connectivity.  Taking out existing services.  Adding new micro services to make cloud ready.  Out in North America since April, EMEA 1-2 months now.  One of biggest complaints is how to use if not in the cloud.  Announced at Ignite.  Real Connect Hybrid.  Very little on prem.  One lightweight VM.  Bring room systems into on prem skype meetings.  VM that runs instances of Polycom.  Depending on customer entitlement, different purposes.  Polycom relay.  Real Connect Hybrid, click to join with Cisco endpoints.  Analytics services built in later this year.  Presenting with Pexip at Ignite.  Great solutions as well.


M: What is Polycom Parity?


A: Software subscription.  Use as much as you like.  Scale up/down concurrent licenses.  Open based version of platform.


M: Booth duty?

A: Lots of Trio interest at Ignite.


M: Trio is mobile phone connected to speaker phone?

A: Evolved into lots of things.  New version 8500, lower cost.  Still does video.  8800 now does eagle eye MSR camera.  Pan, tilt, zoom.  Better video experience in medium to large room.  Added mirror cast and airplay for wireless presentation.  Keeps getting better and better.  VoxBox device is more personal/group USB.  Some of same audio tech as trio with noise block.  Our heritage is audio.  Teams of experts making


M: Teams and VDX roadmap?

A: MS announced gateway for existing 3par or certified.  Teams devices will support without any changes for Yealink, Polycom, AudioCodes.  Plans around an even better experience on phones that won’t need intermediary in place.


M: Many have halted projects due to Teams announcements.  Messaging could have been more precise.


A: Polycom has been work with MS for some time on Teams.  Messaging was relatively soft.  No flick of switch to jump ship.  SfB still around on prem.  Server 2019 proves committed to future around it.  Talking with customers around Teams integration.  Teams is only online.  On prem is staying the same.


M: Replace VVX devices in the future?

A: Cannot comment.  Sure someone somewhere in Polycom looking at next round of devices.  Trio runs Unified Communications Software.  Android variant of that stack.  Existing VVX Linux based.  Anything will leverage existing investments.  Pretty safe with VVX for now.


M: CX support for Teams?

A: Maybe via gateway registration.  Microsoft still working through.  Committed to point to point calling and conference room.


M: Trio versus massive Group Series adoption?


A: When enterprises install meeting room systems typically a lot of integration around AV.  2-3 year refresh doesn’t happen.  Even IP phone handsets stick around 10+ years.  Refresh is expensive.  Depends on room configuration.  Green field Skype Room system is no brainer.  If someone knows how to use SfB doesn’t need much training to use SRS.  Rigel variant announced Enterprise Connect ’16.


M: Logitech came out with SmartDock.


A: Working on the same.  Conscious of refresh around Surface.  Purpose build for Surface Pro 5.  5 support at launch important.  Wanted to avoid hardware revving.


Peripherals.  MSR Camera.  Trio.  Vox box.  Can connect to Logitech or Crestron.


M: Management solution for phones.
A: Just want more endpoints deployed.  Lots of criticism for citing partner solutions.  Worked with partners to make sure management was good.  Didn’t consider MS would buy.


M: Don’t understand why phone provisioning isn’t part of E5.


A: Some hints at Ignite.  Showed demos of new management interface.  Converged Teams and SFBO.  Devices portion.  Will come.  Hands full with Teams.  As of 10.1 support for IP Phones.  10.2 CX5500 support.  Plenty of space for other partners.


M: General direction of Microsoft.  Whole new ecosystem.


A: Really is.  Good thing.  Look at architecture, right move.  IM’d someone other day.  IM’d back.  Got message other person didn’t get your message.  They wrote back in Teams.  Got in Teams client.  Wrote back.  Immediately IMs back and forth.  Other guy was on the plane.  Teams functions better under poor network conditions.


M: Strategy is clear.  Needs to be done right so isn’t perceived as immature, no heritage.  Just a continuation.  Other pieces coming in, leveraging additional services for phones or meeting rooms?  More intelligent?

A: Working with folks in Redmond over a year.  Wasn’t a surprise to Polycom.  Plans to transition existing and new endpoints.  Will be ways to have better experience along with.  Work in progress.  Hopefully by Enterprise Connect 2018 will know more.  Focus right now is Teams out the door and basic functionally.  After will move customers across.  If can’t move existing vendors customers won’t move.  Already working on video interop.  Session this morning about how to integrate video.  Pexip and BlueJeans leveraging same SDK.

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