Surveying The Skype for Business Online Phone System Call Recording Landscape

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For some, call recording is one of the few missing pieces to move entire phone systems to Skype for Business Online (soon to be Microsoft Teams) Phone System (Cloud PBX).

On premises, call recording has always been provided by third parties.  Since the release of Office 365 E5, it seemed the wait for call recording was for the release of the Trusted Application API and new third party integration, since the previous APIs are no longer exposed.

In the meantime, it seemed like third parties would offer hosted SfB server solutions, integrate traditionally, and federate those environments with SfBO.

For SMBs, Numonix is pivoting away from their multi-tenant Azure hosted offer and towards a client side recording solution.  They’ve been disrupted by the Microsoft SfB to Teams transition and they’re betting on the Graph API and Teams integration going forward.

The latest from Enghouse is they will release a future product, TouchPoint Agent, for $40/u/m, that will provide the desired call recording functionality with SfBO.  Similar to Numonix, they have also backed away from the hosted offer.

I also checked on Verba via Geomant:

Our preferred call recording partner, Verba, does not currently integrate with Skype for Business Online/Cloud PBX. This was on the road map for 2018, but with the recent announcement of Microsoft Teams replacing Skype Online, the focus will most likely be on integration with Teams.

There is a common theme that the Teams announcement has disrupted third party partners.  By the way, the Teams road map was released yesterday:

The options I’m aware of remains using the free software from Bridge for client side call recording with SfBO or an on premises SfB solution.

Let me know your thoughts!

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